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Christmas Lights design consultation & QUOTE


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2 Things You Must Know

Christmas Light Installatins Start at $400.

sAll Christmas lights installation packages include Christmas lights design, installation, all commercial grade materials, 24 hour maintenance guarantee, removal and storage.

Pricing of Christmas light installation is specific to each project and is based on lineal feet and difficulty level.


We Can Not Install Christmas Lights You Already Bought.

We only use commercial grade Christmas lights provided by our company. This allows us to work within a controlled system that we have refined over the years. It also guarantees you have only the highest quality, commercial grade materials on your residential or commercial Christmas lights installation. 

Design Consultation prep

Make the most of your professional Christmas lights design consultation by previewing our design offerings and pricing. Then schedule your appointment at the bottom of the page.

Roofs and Ridges

$3 to $5/Ft

The “roofline” is the starting point for most Christmas light installations, whether commercial or residential. Prices are by the foot and difficulty levels, so the bigger and steeper of a roof our Christmas light installers have to face, the more expensive your Christmas lights will be.

The “ridgeline” is the actual peaks of your roof. Christmas lights are attached to shingles. This is a great way to accent a building with a distinct roof shape, especially on a residential Christmas light installation. 


$3 to $5/Ft

Next, take the same  Christmas lights as your roof and put them on window, door or garage trim! This is a great way to “bring down” the Christmas light installation, especially if you don’t have any columns, trees, bushes, or other items as described below. Almost every building, whether commercial or residential has trim!

Porch Wraps

From $50

The next item you might consider in your professional Christmas lights installation, is to wrap thick columns, posts or handrails in mini-lights! Or if you have very thick columns you can even put big bulb Christmas lights on them. Whether you choose mini-lights or big bulbs, the Christmas lights can be wrapped in a spiral, or strung vertically for a unique effect.


From $100 to . . . a lot.

There are lots of ways to skin a cat and lots of ways to wrap a tree in Christmas lights. We can do either a trunk wrap, or a trunk and limb wrap, or a canopy wrap. Or any combination of these.

Canopies can be wrapped in mini-lights for a kind of tornado spiral effect. But our favorite way to hang Christmas lights in canopies is to use C7 or C9 big bulbs. Because of the wider spacing between bulbs, this creates more of a starry sky look. Can’t choose between mini-lights or big bulbs? Do both!


From $50

Because bushes are close to the ground and our Christmas light installers don’t have to face death, they are an economical way to add to your holiday lighting installation. Put either mini-lights or big bulbs on your bushes. Either way, we go for a starry sky effect, with no distinct lines or spirals. (That’s the sign of an amateur Christmas light installer). Choose one color or alternate colors on multiple bushes, or . . . whatever your little heart desires!

Light Stakes

$3 to $5/Ft

And our final standard offering is to take the same Christmas lights as you have on your roof and outline any distinctive features on the ground such as pathways, driveways or flower beds. Light stakes in your Christmas lights design is a great way to “ground” the whole thing as well as create a dramatic welcoming to holiday guests.

Ok, Let’s schedule your christmas lights design consultation, eh?

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